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Linda Maglione

My husband and I have appreciated your help and expertise in the purchasing of our LTC policies. It has proven to have been a timely purchase for us as joint replacements would have now made me uninsurable, even though my general health is very good. Just last month my Mother was admitted to a Nursing Home for symptoms that are appearing to be dementia of some type. My Dad has had to complete the application process for Medicaid and begin spend down for eligibility. While LTC coverage for them would not likely have been financially prudent, I would encourage anyone who has more financial assets to protect NOT to put off looking into this insurance. Every day that passes could be the day that makes you no longer eligible for coverage. Thanks again for all you do!


Larry and Wanda, The knowledge, professionalism and expertise you have about long term care solutions is awesome. Your clients are so very fortunate to have you. Thank you!

Michele Hopper

Yes I found the right people to help me. I do not want to be a burden to my family. I love my independence and this is something  I can afford. Thank You So much now I have peace of mind.


Larry & Wanda, thank you for the professional expertise that you provide for LTC planning. The solutions that you offer are tremendous!! Denise

Brenda K. Thomas-de Lagarde - Thursday, December 13, 2013

Larry's LTC insurance presentation was very informative. He took the time to cover every slide in detail, helping me understand all of the terms, benefits and features of the various policies. I had several questions prepared to ask Larry but they were all covered in his presentation. Deciding this next step can take a significant amount of time and research. I was very impressed with Larry's expertise and look forward to continue working with Larry and Wanda.

Donald Diotallevi

I have discussed long term care policies with other agents, but Larry stood out from all others with his LTC industry knowledge, patience and thoroughness in making sure he answered my questions. Both Larry and Wanda stepped me through the entire process in making this important life decision.

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